Grand Admiral Vikri Tann is a retired USSEC general, current head of the IUR. He was born on Earth, in 2063.


Vikri Tann is a famous man, for many reasons. He became the Grand Admiral and founder of the IUR in 2112, and has ruled since then. He went under three life extending operations from the galaxy's top scientists, and survived. He has commanded the IUR navies and forces in multiple battles, and has won most of them. He is responsible for everything that goes on in the IUR.


Vikri Tann was born on Earth, in the Sol system, in 2063. He studied psychology, but after graduating, went to USSEC officer academy. There, he displayed extreme affinity for strategy, and he was then promoted to Captain. During the Flood-Fire Wars, Vikri showed capability, and was promoted to Commander. When he returned to Earth, he was given control of an infantry battalion and was assigned the rank of Brigadier General. After a large and successful campaign, Vikri returned to Eridani, using the newly built Mass Relay station. There, he spent two years on leave.

In 2112, he was reassigned a new battalion. Before he could leave Eridani with his new battalion, however, the Arian Terrorist Group struck quickly and destroyed the Mass Relay station as well as his transport ships. Vikri was left seething on the Bastion planets, no men and no ships. When Vikri returned to Earth, he started a new republic, the Intergalactic Unification Republic. He then colonized four worlds in the Maelstrom Outlying Worlds, and started building a navy. In 2156, he went under a life extending operation so he could see through his new republic.

Slowly, the IUR's armada built up, until it rivaled the USSEC's and the COAST's navies. In 2185, he was stationed at Aquila to defend a base. However, the LDN attacked the base, and destroyed it. This stunted a lot of IUR research, which forced Vikri to go under another life extending operation in 2234. After the extension of the IUR into a galactic superpower, Vikri was content to finally go. However, after the discovery of the Paleogen in 2344, Vikri went under yet another life extending operation. He is now about 75 years old, but is technically 337 years old.