The UCS-84 (Universal Combat Shotgun 2084) is a pump-action shogun that was used by the Confederation Of Assimilated Socialist Territories during the Flood-Fire Wars. Designed in 2084, this shotgun can hold up to 8 shells and has the longest range and highest accuracy out of all the shotguns that were ever used by the Confederate military. However, in terms of power, it wasn't able to compete with the more advanced shotguns that were introduced 22nd century, and several years before the Flood-Fire Wars began, they were declared obsolete. However, the wars had a negative effect on the economy of COAST; they needed cheap weapons, and since the UCS-84 was inexpensive to produce, it was brought back into service. This weapon is deadly against unarmored foes, causing it to be favored by assassins, spies, and saboteurs. However, this weapon does poorly against most types of body armor; it often fails to penetrate even the simplest form of armor that was used during the Flood-Fire Wars. Despite this, it remains a very popular weapon, and those who can achieve headshots with this weapon are capable of wreaking havoc. The UCS-84 is commonly used in booby-traps, which became a deadly nuisance during the war.