The Maelstrom Outlying Worlds are the homeworlds of the IUR. It consists of four major planets, and thirteen minor planets. The IUR have also established fourteen starbases around the worlds for major research and defense purposes.

The Maelstrom worlds are surrounded by a giant asteroid belt, the Terragiant. The Terragiant has so many asteroids flying through it, any attempt made to get through it is a suicide mission. However, the IUR has set up two giant mobile mining cannons located on two sister moons, Dela and Fen, and those cannons provide a gateway into the Maelstorm worlds. The Terragiant is so dense, however, that the amount of particles in it constantly regenerate the amount of asteroids destroyed, making the Maelstorm worlds the safest place in the galaxy. Occasionally, a cruiser may be able to make it over or under the belt, but the IUR has extensive electromagnetic sensors/space sonar to prevent surprise attacks, making the Maelstorm a perfect fortress.