The Flood-Fire Wars are a series of wars that have torn apart humanity in the regions beyond the Bastion Core Worlds. The wars gave rise to massive USSEC military power, and are, as a whole, the largest conflict in human history.


Following the establishment of COAST in c2050 CE, many groups of dangerous rebels have sought to destroy USSEC. COAST, being the second most powerful government in the known galaxy, took upon itself a disagreement to the Republics that formed USSEC. Following harsh internal policies reminiscent of Stalinism, USSEC imposed harsh sanctions on the group. In 2127, the states of Eridani and Centauri were brutally attacked by large fleets of COAST ships. Those ships were equipped with some form of napalm, which burned up more than half the planets, hence the name "Flood-Fire Wars"

The WarEdit

The war has bred a new species of ships in USSEC Fleet. With the development of the Nuum series of ships, the role of ships has changed from a ship's class defining what it did in battle, to a ship's class simply defining how greatly that ship could participate. Other important ships are the Hammer and Anvil classes.

The Nuum class ships were built to counteract the COAST's napalm weapons, which wreaked havoc on the Hammer and Anvil class ships.


The opening attacks on Reach and Halcyon occurred in 2127, when COAST fleets made surprise attacks on the USSEC Bastion Core Worlds. The war wages on until 2141 when the USSEC Fleet amassed a large armada for an incursion into COAST territories. Designated the Maradon Campaign, the USSEC forces first devastated Maradon, conquering the planet quickly, by 2143 the war was essentially over, with only pockets of COAST resistance remaining.