Fatal Pursuit is a game in production. It is set in Procatis, in the year 2388.


WARNING: Spoilers

Fatal Pursuit puts you in the shoes of Shane Neolus, a convicted assassin.


The game starts off with Shane in the Procatis Galactic Prison. Shane is being instructed to follow the line of prisoners, and will get hit by a shock baton if there is any failure to comply. When Shane reaches the prison grounds, he is faced towards a firing squad. The countdown begins, but when the squad reaches 'one', time freezes, and Shane then pulls the nearest guard as a human shield. The squad fires, and kills the guard. Shane is instructed to take the guard's weapon, and in the confusion, manages to escape the prison. As soon as Shane jumps in the nearest hovercar, Shane is hit with a flashback, where not much is comprehensible besides screaming and gunfire. It then goes back to real-time, and Shane drives his hovercar through a fast-paced chase until he reaches a roadblock, where he slams through and loses the police.


Fatal Pursuit features multiple modern weapons, listed below.


Melee WeaponsEdit


Fatal Pursuit does not feature inter-planetary travel, but it does have hovercraft and military transport.