Fareer: The Flood Fire Wars is the first game in the series, it is a third person shooter / third person space sim / RPG. It is in production, and will be the first game set in the Fareer universe. You take the role of Steven Castle.



Halcyon, 7 December 2127, the opening of the Flood-Fire Wars


The game starts off with the player in an observation post of the USSEC Armageddon, staring at Halycon. There is a large amount of traffic around the planet, much of it very obviously military. Suddenly, warps open up, COAST ships enter, quickly bombarding the planet with ultraincendiary munitions. As the player watches, most of Halycon lights up and the Armageddon jumps into action. Quickly, orders are given for all Marines to report to the hangar, where the player and comrades are loaded onto a transport ship. This is the player's tutorial on motion and viewpoint.

As soon as the transport takes off, the player can see targeting data displayed, they are to storm and take one of the offending COAST vessels, a heavy destroyer. The player and comrades undergo refreshers, practicing targeting with weapons. The transport reaches the enemy vessel and the player must fight through the ship, eventually the USSEC Marines take the bridge, and call in. The player must fight his way up to the bridge, and then take control of the ship. The USSEC Armageddon will then fire at the cruiser, which will kill your Commanding Officer. You, as second in command, are in charge of piloting the ship, which then becomes your basic flight tutorial. At the end of the battle, the destruction wrought by the COAST napalm can be seen.

When news comes in that the Epsilon system has also been hit, the USSEC Armageddon and other elements of the fleet begin preparation for combat. A report comes in from Mercutio, and the player will respond along with USSEC Armageddon.

At the end of the game, the player participates in the Maradon Campaign as USSEC finishes off COAST forces in the galaxy.


Various other weapons


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