The Esonet Dragonsaber is a unique, small, concealable dagger infused with a gene-activated cell module. When inserted into a target, the Dragonsaber will quickly self-destruct the target without the target even knowing. It is Shane Neolus' weapon of choice.


Shane Neolus, when undergoing assassin training, had a electronic cell module implanted in his ribcage to let him use genetic weapons. The Dragonsaber, a very thin, small, straight blade, is his custom weapon, outfitted for him by the Esonet Assassin Agency. It has no hilt; it is just a blade with a fiberglass grip on one side. The blade itself is Hyperium, which contains a deadly toxin configured for Shane. When the blade is inserted into the target, it triggers a chemical reaction which bunches up the target's cells, eventually creating a catalyst which kills the target. Identifying the perpetrator of such a murder is nearly impossible, because the blade leaves no blood, and a nearly invisible mark.