Core Armor is the basic IUR armor. It has seen multiple generations of use, ever since 2160.


The Core armor comes with three parts - the armor, the helmet, and the glove. The glove goes on the trigger hand, and will upload weapon details and ammo count to the helmet. The helmet has a targeting system with integrated IFF, a battle newsfeed, and a comm system. The whole Core armor in general is lined with electromagnetic strips to prevent power deficits and electrical attacks. The armor is a wulfenite-akadium alloy, one of the strongest in the world. It has a dynamic shade generator, so it can be calibrated for its division's colors or special operations.


The Core armor has evolved a lot over the past three centuries. The different models are found below.

  • Argus Armor - named because of a five different targeting sensors placed on the front of the visor. The Argus armor used a Wulfenite IV composite build.
  • Minotaur Armor - named because of a manufacturing defect in the helmets that gave them a large snout, which IUR used to install better comm system in. The Minotaur armor uses the Akadium III alloy.
  • Phasmus Armor - named because of a test cloaking system that didn't work efficiently, and was uninstalled. The Phasmus armor uses the Wulfenite-Akadium II composite.
  • Colossus Armor - current armor, named because of the Wulfenite-Akadium VI alloy and the electromagnetic lining, which makes it ideal for any battle situation.